Limited Edition Riviera Moisture Set SS23
Limited Edition Riviera Moisture Set SS23
Limited Edition Riviera Moisture Set SS23

Balmain Hair Couture, Inc.

Limited Edition Riviera Moisture Set SS23

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Heat and UV rays strip the hair of moisture. The Riviera Moisture Set is specially designed to give back moisture to the hair during warm summer days.  Nourish and detangle the hair with the Leave-in Conditioning Spray and moisturize and bodify with the Moisturizing Styling Cream. Create an effortless updo with the Limited Edition Scrunchie.

✓ Adds moisture and body
✓ With UV filter to protect against colour fading
✓ Gift: Limited Edition Scrunchie


Create the perfect summer looks with The Riviera Moisture Set while also taking care of your hair. The set includes the Moisturising Styling Cream, Leave-in Conditioner, and a special gift: the Limited Edition Hair Scrunchie.
The Moisturizing Styling Cream is the perfect base for any hairstyle. The smooth creamy formula is formulated to prep the hair before styling with a curling iron, straightener or blow-dryer. The nourishing cream tames frizz, gives body and protects hair from further damage. 
The Lightweight, Leave-in Conditioning Spray detangles and nourishes the hair while smoothing the hair cuticles for ultimate care throughout the day. The formula is enriched with protective UV-filters to protect the hair from UV rays during the hot summer days and prevent colour fading.
Finally, finish the look with the Limited Edition Scrunchie, a statement piece that can be used to pull back the fringe or create a bun.


Start by applying the Moisturizing Styling Cream to damp or dry hair and spread throughout the ends and mid lengths. The next step is to add the Leave-in Conditioning Spray. Apply the product to towel-dried or dry hair and do not rinse out. Style or blowdry the hair as desired. Finish of your hair look by adding the perfect hair accessory.