Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume 100ml
Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume 100ml
Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume 100ml
Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume 100ml

Balmain Hair Couture, Inc.

Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume 100ml

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A delicate Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume with the perfect blend of cardamom, lemon, vanilla, and blackcurrent. This unique blend of ingredients creates a warm, sweet and uplifting perfume that will leave your hair smelling perfect all day long.

  • Spicy Cardamom with rose undertones.
  • The floral is present, but not overpowering.

Mysterious & Sensual

Cardamom is for someone who embraces their mysterious andsensual side. They are confident, sophisticated, and enjoy indulgingin luxurious and unique fragrances. With its spicy, gourmand, and sensual accords, a perfect choice for those who want to leave an enigmatic and alluring impression wherever they go.


Cardamom 1974 is a real powerful fragrance that makes you feel stronger, which is the feeling you get when wearing a Balmain blazer. The Hair Perfume has a real couture feel thanks to its sophistication(rose, patchouli, cardamom and vanilla) but remains accessible to allnoses, thanks to joyful notes such as citruses (bergamot, lemon) and a sweet fruity notes (blackcurrant, gourmand). It also shows a soft sensuality through ambroxan and white musks.

Cardamom 1974 is unisex, slightly feminine due to the substantial amount of vanilla along with fruitiness (blackcurrant) and sweetness(vanilla, gourmand).

Fragrance Composition

  • Top Notes: Black Pepper, Cardamom Oil, Bergamot, Lemon oil, Green notes
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla, Rose, Blackcurrant, Floral, Patchouili M D
  • Base Notes: Ambroxan, Cedarwood, Gourmand, White Musks

Key Ingredients

Cardamom oil, Lemon oil, Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Patchouli MD.